Things We Should Finally Learn about Sex!

Sex is centuries-old art, and yet, we still find ourselves clueless in many aspects revolving. Together with the skill of being a great lover, there are many other things we finally have to learn about sex. From hygiene to staying safe from pregnancy, UTIs and STDs, here are 9 of the 18 things we should be doing when having sex.

1. Forget the Pull-out Method

Pulling out won’t save you from unwanted pregnancy. Plus, it’s so old-school.

2.  Pee after Sex

Seriously, peeing after sex is the smartest thing to do in order to avoid infections and STDs, and it goes for both men and women. 

3. If You Need Lube, Use It

Using lube is almost required in sex, especially if you want a smoother and more arousing experience. Use it on yourself, use it on your partner…heck, use it for your sex toys, too. The more, the better! 

4. Regular Masturbation Keeps Your Prostate Healthier!

Oh, it really does. If you masturbate regularly (and then some!), you keep your prostate healthy and prevent stagnant fluid from building up inside it. What does this fluid have to do with anything? Oh, nothing, it just exposes you to a plethora of bacteria, but hey, it’s good to know solo action helps!

5. Antibiotics Make Birth Control Pills Ineffective!

Not only is this true, but taking certain antibiotics with birth control can also lead to other health issues. The best way to stay safe is to steer clear of combining both at the same time. 

6. 75% of Women Do Not Orgasm from Penetration Only!

Spread the word, women need so much more than penetration to orgasm. Have you heard about a little thing called prolonged foreplay? Yes, that old thing, do it more.

7. Don’t Make Important Decisions When Horny!

An odd one, but a truthful one nonetheless, making decisions when aroused is not recommended. Why? Well, with all the hormones flying around, it is difficult to rely on clear thinking when deciding something important. Therefore, it’s best you wait until the sex effects wear off. 

8. Speak Up When Something Feels Off!

Yes, no one deserves to suck it up and put up with something they don’t enjoy sexually. Got an issue with a position? Say it! Want your partner to try a new technique in bed? You guessed it, speaking up will help.

9. Hygiene First!

Trim your nails, shave in all the right places, wash your hands before getting ‘dirty’ and, well, chew a mint for crying out loud.

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