Wakefield Escorts FAQ

  • Q. How to Book a Date at the Wakefield VIP Escort Agency?

    As soon as you choose your escort and services, please call Wakefield VIP to finalize your booking. To complete the booking, you will need to provide Wakefield VIP with some of your personal information.

  • Q. Which Information Will the Wakefield Escort Agency Need from Me?

    For bookings and pre-bookings, we will need your full name, the time and place of your date, as well as your contact number, and hotel details. For home outcalls, you will need to provide our agency with the time and date of your meeting, your full name, address, and contact number.

  • Q. What Happens If I or My Wakefield Escort Cancel the Date?

    If you decide to cancel the date, please call Wakefield Escorts VIP and let us know of the change. If your date cancels, you will be offered an adequate replacement and will be informed of the cancellation ahead of time. Please note that if you cancel a booking you may lose any deposit you have made.

  • Q. Am I Breaking the Law by Booking an Escort Date at Wakefield Escorts VIP?

    No, you are not breaking the law. Wakefield's escorts are all adults and will provide the necessary paperwork to prove it. Paying for company services is fully legal and in accordance with all related laws.

  • Q. What about the Wakefield Escort Privacy Policy?

    When you book an escort date at Wakefield Escorts VIP, you are guaranteed full discretion and protection of privacy. Your provided information is strictly confidential, and we only require it to make sure our escorts are safe. For our full privacy policy, click here.

  • Q. How will I pay for my Wakefield VIP escort date?

    At the Wakefield VIP (escort centre), clients can book VIP escort dating services and real-life companions. Our self employed escorts accept various payment types:

    Cash only, cash or a bank transfer to the escort’s personal account, and Visa debit or credit card transaction completed via a private terminal, or Sumup (Sumup payments show on your bank statement).

    Other than providing VIP escort services, Wakefield VIP (Escort Centre) takes No part in what and if the client and escort agree on payments or giving gifts.

    We follow all UK laws and stipulations and are not to be held accountable for what’s discussed privately between two adults – the client and the escort.

  • Where can my booking take place?

    Anywhere suitable, really! Either at your home or hotel (outcall) or at the escort's home, hotel or residence (incall).

  • Can I book an escort overnight or for a travel meet?

    Absolutely, though we require a deposit for these bookings.

  • What am I paying for?

    You are paying for time and companionship with your chosen escort(s) only. Anything else that happens during your booking is up to yourselves as consenting adults.

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