12 Sexual Fantasies That are Actually Common (vol.1)

In this day and age, the debate on sex has drastically changed. Aside from being more open when discussing great sex, we have also become even more curious about exploring sexual fantasies.

For a long time, sex fantasies have been perceived as problematic and even outrageous. However, it is good to know that while we keep sex fantasies all to ourselves, they are pretty common for all of us.

According to research, there are many sexual fantasies that we share with other people, and below, we’ll unravel 12 of them.

Sexual Fantasies: Affairs!

It doesn’t matter if you are in a healthy relationship, the fantasy of having a hot affair has likely crossed your mind at least once. This fantasy has nothing to do with actually wanting to cheat on your partner, but it rather indicates the need to spice things up and get that sexy boost of adrenaline.


Giving up sexual control or wanting to obtain it has long been a vivid fantasy of many men and women. Domination in bed has a lot to do with exploring new ways of sexuality, and even studies go to show that at least 47% of women have admitted to having the fantasy. So, there’s that.

Sexual Fantasies: Public Sex!

From public restrooms to changing rooms and parking lots, there are many ‘outdoor’ sex fantasies we all share. The reason we have these is quite simple really- outdoor sex is risky, hot and gets you out of your comfort zone. And, as long as no one is watching or noticing, why shouldn’t you put your fantasy to practice?

Oral Sex!

Giving oral sex or receiving it has become quite a common part of most sexual experiences. However, to some people, oral sex is a great kink, and always includes a few juicy nuances in it. From giving oral right after penetration to playing with orgasm control, oral sex can be so much more than just lips-meet-genitalia.

Sexual Fantasies: Pegging!

Pegging is one of those sex fantasies many men think about, but feel uncomfortable with sharing. Having the fantasy is quite common, as most men are curious to learn what is it about penetration that makes women feel so good and excited. And, if you find a way to let go and embrace the fantasy, you might just find out.


From ropes and belts to binds and ties, bondage has risen on the scale of the most popular sexual fantasies. Bondage is a fun and sort of kinky way to explore your sexuality and can be very rewarding when tried with a likeminded partner.

Source: https://www.glamour.com/story/6-totally-normal-sex-fantasies

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