Sex Practices for the Raunchiest Bedroom Play!

Sex Practices and creativity go hand in hand.

Sure, you know where to put what and how to make it happen. However, getting into the routine of it can actually hurt your sex life even more. But, as we grow and learn from our experiences, taking the time to make sex better matters.

Now, there are plenty of ways to put an emphasis on your sex life and drastically improve it.

Sex experts like to say that sex has a lot to do with understanding the under-layers of it. In fact, they offer a variety of tools to help you boost your sex life, and below we list 5 of them.

1. Sex Practices: Self-Pleasure!

Before you even get to having sex, you need to discover your own comfort with intimacy. The best way to do so is to engage in frequent self-pleasure activities, the most important of which is masturbation. Not only masturbation helps relieve stress and tension, but it allows you to experiment with what makes you feel good in bed.

When giving yourself this extra dose of pleasure, it is important you stay free of all prejudices and self-judgment.

2. Another Kind of Oral

Being a fan of oral sex is typical for men. However, what most fellas tend to forget is how much more responsive the prostate is. The prostate, located just 2 inches inside the anus can provide delirious and pleasurable sensations when stimulated right.

To achieve this erotic bliss, have your partner stimulate the perineum (the area between the scrotum and anus) externally. If you are comfortable to go further, you can use a bullet vibrator for a slight penetration that will definitely lead to a fantastic orgasm. And no, you won’t be the only man who’s ever tried it.

4. Sex Practices: Kink!

One of the reasons many couples find sex dull is because of the lack of kink. With so much to choose from already, kinks are a great way to experiment and find a new way to get aroused and excited. Whether it is BDSM, impact play or femdom, communicate what works the best for you and your partner.

Also, take your time and don’t expect to immediately get the hang of it. Setting boundaries is part of equation, and what feels good for you might not feel good for your sex partner…or vice versa. However, once you get the hang of it, it can be a truly revolutionary experience you are bound to repeat!

5. Receiving Pleasure

As a quite normal occurrence, men tend to stress over providing their partners with an orgasm before asking for one themselves. Still, in the game of sex, learning to receive pleasure counts as much as giving it.

Again, receiving pleasure is sometimes about stepping out of your comfort box and allowing your partner to find out what makes you hot and horny. Also, women enjoy a lad who is not suppressed by his own sexuality so the more you accept the play, the more enjoyment you’ll find for both of you!


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