7 Ways for You to Explore Your Sexuality!

Being a single man can be stressful for some. However, don’t give up on the idea of sex just yet, as there are lots of hot fruits to harvest. As a single, it is important you stay in tune with your sexuality and explore the field as much as possible. To help you with just that, here are 7 more saucy tips for a sexier you, all year round.

Share with a Stranger

Having sex with a stranger can be quite an exhilarating thing to try. Of course, make sure that, whoever you choose, they are safe, and second, never to be heard from again. Make the sex even more interesting and spill all your dirty secrets to your one-night-stand. Knowing someone knows all your flaws, but then never seeing them again is just the relief you were looking for.

All, but Sex

If you are single, the chances for open flirting is always there. To make it more interesting, after finding someone you can get it on with for the evening, get them excited with some dirty talk- right there at the party. Use only the power of words to create a dynamic and raunchy atmosphere, and save the cherry on top for later.

A Two-Girl Fantasy

Unless you come across some pretty willing twin sisters, a two-girl fantasy can be tricky to orchestrate thankfully, escorts come to your rescue and will make sure you experience the best mouth-watering, orgasm-clenching threesome ever.

No Clothes On

One of the riskier sex fantasies to try is to show up at your date’s door wearing a coat and nothing underneath. If you have been intimate with your date before, this is a great kink to keep you busy and warm all night long.

An Older Woman

Cougars, MILFs, grannies- you’d be surprised to learn how much older single women appreciate a dedicated man in bed. The best way to do this is to sign up on a dating platform and dig into the options.

A Younger Woman

If you like taking the role of a teacher, find a younger girl (of age, of course!), and teach her all things she never had the chance to learn. A softer variation on the dom-sub play, this fantasy is very plausible, especially if you decide to book a young and perky escort.

Ask Your Lesbian Friends

If you want to master the art of superb oral sex, talk to a lesbian friend of yours. With emotions out of the way for the two of you, the dos and don’ts of eating a girl out are best learned from someone who’s familiar with it.

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