6 Toxic Habits that are Ruining Your Sex Life

Is your sex life going rusty? Do you keep finding yourself in a sexual lockdown? Sometimes, bad habits and practices can have a larger effect on our sexual lives than positive ones. No matter how much we try, the things we love about sex can be overshadowed by repetitive patters we cannot shake off.

If your sex life has lost their shine, here are the 6 toxic habits to avoid.

Stress Exposure

The chaos of modern-day living can definitely take its toll on your sex life. Stress and anxiety are more present than ever, and exposing yourself to them can take away from your sex drive, sexual desire, and stamina. To avoid stress getting to your bedroom, rely on some healthy stress relief practices, such as yoga, meditation, sleeping right, and nutritious dieting. 

Overactive Bladder

If your bladder is overly active, it might interfere with your sex life. Usually, the bladder might activate itself right before orgasm, so you might end up with a bit of urine in your bed. If you are not using medications to control the issue, consider going to the bathroom a few times before having sex. Also, make sure you are not taking any liquids until right after your trysts.

Body Image

Body image is a huge enemy to the quality of your sex life. Men mostly have body image problems that revolve around their penis size, endurance during sex, and not having a ripped body. However, these negative thoughts can absolutely ruin your experience, so adopt self-loving practices which will make you feel better about yourself as a man and a lover.


With age, our sexual capacities decline, but it doesn’t mean they cease to exist. As men age, the level of testosterone in their bodies reduces, so you might want to consider taking supplements and exercising more often. There is really no age when you should give up on having sex, so don’t let the fear of time passing you by meddle with your sexual pleasure and orgasms. 


Taking sex for granted can sometimes cause you to get bored more easily. However, losing interest in the things that make sex great can negatively impact your ability to enjoy the experience as much as you should. If sex feels like the same-old practice, you might want to change up a few things and be more creative in bed.

Performance anxiety

Although not mentioned enough, performance anxiety during sex is more common than we think. Both men and women suffer from performance anxiety, with men mostly worrying about their endurance and drive. If you cannot seem to shake off this anxiety, you can always book a professional escort to help you overcome your insecurities and express yourself the way you need to in bed.

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