6 Moves Your Escort Wants You to Make in Bed!

Impressing your escort date in bed might seem like a complicated task to handle. As part of your service and experience, an intimate hotel or at-home outcall date with your escort is all about feeling your sexiest self and making your date feel the same amount of desire.

When it comes to pleasing an escort in bed; sex is a double-edged sword game, where everyone gets their fair share of pleasure.

If you are feeling a bit shaky about your bedroom moves; here are 6 sexy and escort-approved moves you can pull off on your date!

Talk Dirty

Escorts are quite experienced in talking dirty and love when their clients are comfortable enough to return the favor. A man who can communicate during foreplay in a naughtier way is a step forward from the typical moaning and groaning, and escorts enjoy every minute of it.

Love Her Bosom

Oftentimes, during foreplay, the breasts will not get the attention and TLC they deserve. Ask any woman, including your escort date, and they will tell you that the breasts and nipples make a significant erogenous zone to explore, and a one that can award you with a sweet, explosive orgasm.

Gentle is the Way to Go

If you are not sure whether your escort likes a softer or rougher play, always go gentle. Whether you are giving your date oral pleasure or using some bondage as part of your foreplay; going slowly and elaborately will give you more room to experiment and figure out what your escort wants.

Undressing Her

Undressing has long been a major turn-on for women, and that includes experienced escorts, too. Not your typical foreplay move but an important one; stripping your date down to nakedness can be extremely sultry and provocative, so take your time with it and enjoy the show.

Use Your Tongue

The tongue is a powerful asset to your lovemaking skills and can be responsible for all kinds of pleasure. To make proper use of it, incorporate your favorite tongue moves during your kissing sessions or oral sex. That said, you don’t want to overdo your tongue work; so make sure you put your lips and teeth to good use as well.

Pace Yourself

I know, the thrill of having your favorite escort near you can leave you anticipating and wanting. Even so, escorts are very keen on being properly warmed up for sex; so take your sweet time to the finish line. At the end of the day, enjoying every moment of your steamy rendezvous is what dating an escort is about; so fool around, be giving, and take your time.

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