5 Things to Make Steamy Sex Even Hotter!

When it comes to sex, there is always room for improvement. If your sex life is up for some renovation, the good news is, there are countless ways to make things more interesting. A little experimenting in the bedroom goes a long way, and can really help take you out of a sex rut.

To all curious ones who like their sex lives on the wilder side, here are 5 exclusive tips to make it even better.

1. Chemistry

Although it seems like the easiest thing in the world, great chemistry is not that easy to develop. Of course, if dating an escort, the chemistry will always be there. But, in every other case, chemistry either works or it doesn’t. When it does, you’ll feel it, just as a wave of sensation and passion that keeps on circulating between two people.

2. Self-Confidence

While no one is born as a confident lover, a show of assurance on the bed will go a long way. Even if you have to fake it till you make it, self-confidence will help you love yourself more and do more for your partner in bed. Also, sex confidence helps you experiment more often, which then means all the more fun between the sheets.

3. Double the Pleasure

Depending on how innovative you are in bed, your sex life might be great or awful. When it comes to great sex, versatility is key, and we are talking toys, lubricant, role-playing, BDSM, and so many other things. Just as you care about fulfilling your own fantasies, you should also care about what the gentler side wants as well. After all, pleasure is far better when shared.

4. Foreplay 

If using sex toys, lube, binds, ties, blindfolds or whatever, include it all as part of your foreplay. And while foreplay seems to be this intro to penetrative sex, you are welcome to go back to it on several occasions. As foreplay is beloved by the ladies, doing it over and over again will award you with memorable orgasms on both sides.

5. Out of the Box

For men who like to get a firsthand experience into mindblowing sex, dating an escort is always an option. As escorts are private, your little escapade won’t get out in the public, and still, you’ll get your share of the pleasure. Aside from discretion, escorts are also very experienced in all-things sex, which means you’ll also learn a lot from your off-the-hook date. 

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