4 Sex Principles Everyone Ignores, but Shouldn’t!

With all the knowledge and information on sex and how to make it the most pleasurable, it is oftentimes intriguing to notice just how often people ignore basic sex rules. And while most content on great sex usually revolves around tips, hacks, and helpful techniques, rarely anyone speaks about the quirks that are almost mandatory when having sex.

As a double-edged sword, sex should be pleasant and enjoyable by all participants. To ensure that is the case, here are 4 essential sex principles to follow at all times.

Washing Your Hands Ahead of It!

Being reminded to wash your hands before having sex can seem redundant in this day and age, but it turns out, some people are not very keen on it. Washed hands seem to be an enormous deal-breaker when it comes to women and sex.

According to studies, women stated nothing is more unattractive than a man who doesn’t wash his hands, especially after going to the bathroom. As I assume you’d hate to leave that impression, make washing your hands a priority before heading to the bedroom.

Keep Condoms Out of Your Wallet!

For decades back, men have stored their condoms in their wallets, and now, it turns out that had been a wrong way to do it. Having a condom on your whenever sex is on the schedule is one thing, but you might want to reconsider placing it in your wallet.

Wallets seem like the obvious choice, yes, but that is until you learn that keeping your protection there will cause it to break or wear down. As your wallet gets exposed to sunlight, so does your condom, and the last thing you want is for it to not do its job. The best way to store a condom in your nightstand, or if on the move, in your jacket pocket.

Peeing After Sex!

I don’t know what it is that makes most people hate after-sex peeing, but hate alone doesn’t solve the problem. If you don’t pee after sex, you increase the risk of contracting bacteria, toxins, germs, and even UTIs. Yes, I know, it might take a while before your muscles wind down, but I say you be patient and wait it out.

Listening to a Woman!

Men like to praise their listening techniques, inside and outside the bed, but sometimes, the praise is unfounded. Women like to speak about what they want in sex and are not afraid to guide you. The problem is, when a woman asks for something slower, faster, different, men only pretend to listen. Attention makes half the pleasure in sex. Remember that, and keep your ears open.

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