4 Secrets to Lasting Longer In Bed!

One of the biggest concerns men have when it comes to sexual health and performance is premature ejaculation. On one hand, the occurrence can be embarrassing and even unexpected. On the other hand, premature ejaculation is much, much more common that one might think.

Of course, no one wants to have disappointing sex, and premature ejaculation can be frustrating to deal with. But, hope peeks just around the horizon and offers plenty of ways to restart your sexual practices and last longer in bed.

Read on to learn 4 incredible ways you can train your body and brain to last longer during sex.

Work Out to Work It Out!

If you haven’t been getting physical in the gym, now is a good time to start. Physical activity is a key element in maintaining superb sexual and overall health. Along with establishing a healthy workout routine, you should also get busy doing your Kegels. There’s nothing to freak out over. Just like women do them, men should also keep their pelvic floor tight and in shape. To do them, stand in front of a mirror and clench the pelvic muscles to lift your testicles (no using hands, please!).

Lasting Longer In Bed: Go Easy on the Thrusts!

Lasting longer in bed doesn’t revolve around your speed and efficiency in bed. On the contrary, if you care to prolong your sexual activities, you should keep your thrusts leveled, slow, and elaborate. This little self-control technique not only helps you stimulate your woman’s G-spot but also helps you pace your movements while still providing her loads of pleasure.

A Change of Style!

Doing the same sex positions over and over again won’t do much for your endurance in bed. Therefore, sex experts suggest you experiment with other styles of lovemaking, including changing positions, tempo, and even location. Moreover, when you take the time to switch into a different position, you take a much-needed pause that helps you control your orgasm. 

Lasting Longer In Bed: Edging!

As one of the oldest tricks in the books, edging represents both a healthy and much-needed practice for men looking to last longer in bed. Edging should first become part of your masturbation routine and once you finesse it, you can reflect your knowledge in bed. The longer you train your orgasm to ‘hold and wait’ the more endurance you’ll build and ultimately, that will help you last longer during sex and when going solo.

Source: https://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/a19544044/have-sex-for-an-hour/

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