8 Ways to Keep Your Libido Powerful!

Having a strong libido and lasting stamina is essential if you care to nurture a healthy sex life. Of course, your libido might have its up and downs, but the idea is to keep your endurance and sexual desire going for longer. Now, a low libido can be a result of various factors, such as exposure to stress, lack of creativity in bed, and sometimes, a medical condition.

Luckily, there are several ways to encourage and boost your libido and make sure you are one ready lover before your next tryst!

1. Certain Foods Help

Many foods can enhance your sexual desire and act as aphrodisiacs. Such foods are bananas, avocados, nuts, oysters and caviar, among others. 

2. Eat Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the tastiest desserts you can eat and a superb aphrodisiac while at it. According to studies, chocolate allows the brain to release endorphins, which directly help with your excitement and sexual urge.

3. Try Herbs

Aside from foods, herbs too, have marvelous effects on your libido. If you want to feel sexier for a longer time, herbs lie basil, Ginkgo Biloba, and garlic will do the trick.

4. Build Higher Self-Confidence

If you want to stimulate your libido, you have to learn how to love yourself and your body. Confidence comes with practice and time, but once you work on improving your self-image, your libido will be swiftly back.

5. Alcohol?

Yes, alcohol lets you unhinge during sex and become more excited. However, having more than two drinks of alcohol can interfere with your ability to get aroused and even have an erection.

6. Meditate

Meditation is beneficial for a number of health issues and one of them is libido loss. When you meditate, you allow the brain to clear, while increasing your blood flow. Plus, stress never did your sex life any favors, and mediation can help you eliminate it efficiently.

7. Sleep Well

It may not seem like it, but sleep has a lot to do with your sexual performance. Sleeping up to 8 hours per day will give you balance and clarity, whereas exhaustion will likely reduce your sex drive.

8. Book an Escort

Seriously. If you are struggling with low libido, what better way to boost it than in the company of a professional? Escorts are not just sex-exclusive company, they are also happy to just talk, spend time with you, and help you relax when necessary. 

Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/boost-your-libido-10-natural-tips