When Is It Okay for Men to Refuse Sex?

It doesn’t happen quite as often, but when it comes to sex, knowing how and when to say ‘no’ is very important. Of course, rarely will there be a man who says ‘no’ to sex but some occasions simply call for refusal. Whether it is stress exposure; emotional hurdles, or a medical issue, here is when it is completely okay (and necessary!) to pass a sex proposal.

Men to Refuse Sex: If You are Bored or Indifferent!

Come on now, no one wants to be with a partner that does sex habitually. Having sex on reflex or just because you have nothing better to do will only hurt your sex life and your ability to enjoy it. If you go for sex every time you are bored; you risk losing the things that make sex great in the first place. So, yes, you should direct your boredom elsewhere and leave the sexiness for better, more exciting days.

If You Have Had too Much to Drink!

In terms of sex; alcohol can be a real party starter but going overboard with it can quickly send things downhill. For one, alcohol has a way of slowing you down, which means you might fail to perform in bed altogether. In addition, liquor can make you less focused, dizzy, and even careless. With pregnancy risks hanging in the air; the best thing to do is pass and save your moves for a different, more sober occasion. 

Men to Refuse Sex: If You Forgot to Bring Protection!

If neither of you has protection, the wisest thing to do would be to postpone all the sex-having. Without protection, you unnecessarily expose yourself to potential STIs and STDs and as we already mentioned, an unwanted pregnancy. Plus, having protection on you is a staple in today’s self-preserving society. Long story short; if you don’t have a rubber on you, it is best not to put your health on the line.

If There is No Attraction…

Why would you want to have sex with someone you feel absolutely disconnected from? The spark, or that lustful attraction between a man and a woman is the base of what will potentially turn to great sex, right? When the woman in your bed doesn’t excite you sexually; that’s a good indication you should say ‘no’ to the experience. Sex is supposed to be fireworks, and chemistry, and compatibility, and intimacy, so why settle for anything else?

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