What Makes a Successful Escort: 4 Criteria to Remember!

To many escort enthusiasts, dating an elite professional is all about their beauty. However, clients who have tasted the fruits of professional escort dating know that looks take up a fraction of the whole service. In fact, beauty and looks are not even the most relevant requirement for one to become an escort. Of course, gorgeous dates are always a plus and most escort agencies mind this factor when recruiting escorts; but for the perfect escort experience, a few other aspects will also matter.

To be more specific, here are 4 criteria required for a top-notch elite escort.

Timeliness and Availability

For an escort to build a successful career, she has to always be on time for her dates and never late; especially without a prior explanation. Also, an elite escort will always make time for her most loyal clients and will make herself available to accept their bookings. However; that said, escorts have very packed schedules, so availability is best achieved when the client books the date on time, rather than on a whim.

Discretion & Safety

One of the top services and perks elite escorts have to provide for clients is full discretion and privacy. An elite escort will never ask for the client’s name, and will never share hers. Also, she will dress accordingly for every type of date, thus avoiding being in the spotlight. Escorts will always arrive and leave a client’s home or a hotel room privately and safely. Ultimately, an escort will never cause drama or misunderstandings between her and the client, thus keeping the date safe; secure and enjoyable.

Services & Options

Elite escorts have to undergo extensive dating training in order to learn the ways of the craft and provide greater quality of service to their clients. Whilst an escort might be an expert in a particular service; she will always offer more than one option, thus keeping the client happy and fulfilled. Elite escorts have tremendous experience in providing dating services of all kinds; such as the GFE, two-girl fantasies and outcalls, and will always be prepared to meet their clients’ distinctive needs.

Looks and Brains

Whilst physical beauty is of utmost importance in escort dating, it would mean nothing without an escort’s brains. Because of that, all elite escorts are typically smart ladies who work other jobs alongside escorting; hold a university degree, and/or speak several languages.