Kinky Tips for a Hotter Valentines Day Sex!

This Valentine’s Day, step out of your comfort zone and let your dirtiest desires come to the surface! If romantics are not your vibe but you still want to heat things up for the holiday of love, getting into kinks might be a great tactic to try.

Valentines Day Sex! is all about taking an extra step towards experiencing erotic pleasure, with plenty of options and levels to choose from. If your partner or date is also up for it, you can examine passion and chemistry in a whole new mood, making the day extra special and personal.

To give you an idea, here are 6 hot tips on how to have yourselves a kinky, intimate and mind-blowing Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day Sex: Bondage Options!

When it comes to bondage, many believe it takes a lot of restrains to make it work. But, bondage is not about being uncomfortable or in pain, but rather trusting your partner to take good care of you. Bondage comes in many forms, from handcuffs to belts, ropes and elastic bands. To ease yourself into it, make sure you debate the yeses and nos with your partner, ultimately finding that steamy common ground.

An Erotic Massage!

One of the best ways to reconnect with your partner just in time for Valentine’s is to gift them with an erotic massage. Effective and super simple, all you need for this scenario is an hour or two of your time, some silky massage oil and your partner in the nude. When giving an erotic massage, begin slowly, avoid touching the known erogenous zones, and massaging everything in between. As soon as you notice your partner is relaxed, you can engage in a stimulating nipple and clitoral play.

Valentines Day Sex: Mutual Masturbation!

Getting in your sexy groove for Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about actual sex. Instead of getting down to business, take your time stripping your clothes off in front of your partner and have them do the same. Once in the nude, take a comfortable position and masturbate in front of your partner while they also do the same. And old trick in the sex book, masturbation in front of your partner will get you riled up for the sexy play that comes next.

An Erotic Photoshoot!

What better gift to give your partner for Valentine’s Day than your personal sexy photoshoot? While taking erotic photos of yourself could also work, actually taking naughty photos of your partner is an even better idea. For inspiration, you can always look up at photos online, figuring out just how raunchy your photoshoot to get. 


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