4 Steamy Positions to Try in a Swimming Pool!

Don’t let the idea of having sex in a swimming pool remain just an idea! Swimming pools have always been a popular ground for having sex or at least tease in the water.

Having sex in water is a totally different experience than having sex in the comfort of your bedroom, but if you are courageous enough to give it a try, it can be a pretty hot one, too!

To make it all work, here are 4 fabulous sex positions to try in a swimming pool! …yours or someone else’s (hello hotel pools!).

The Submarine!

Staring our list with a slightly trickier position, the Submarine can be quite effective once you get the hold of it!  With a little help of the pool steps, have a seat at a higher step while your partner straddles you in a Cowgirl position. Once the penetration is successful, you can take the position a step further and have your partner float back in the water, while you hold her in your lap and keep the rhythm going.

Try in a Swimming Pool: Sideway Lap!

Whenever you need comfort and intimacy while having sex in your swimming pool, try out this position. Again, using the pool steps, have a seat with your legs pressed together, while your partner sits in your lap sideways. As soon as the games begin, rock back and forth without using too much motion. This way, you’ll have a lot more space to kiss and tease your partner, while still maintaining a rock-slid penetration.

Inflatable Pleasure!

Another great variant for swimming pool sex is to use a pool inflatable. Have your partner lie against the rubbery object and leave her butt hanging, or dipping inside the water. Once she does, you can come from behind, spread her legs a bit and engage in penetration. Think of the position as the summer version of doggy style, but with greater mobility and lightness to it.

Try in a Swimming Pool: Froggy Style!

Similar to doggy style, but much more suitable for when playing in the water, the froggy style position doesn’t require too much effort but is always fruitful. It goes like this, your partner is positioned against the pool wall, her elbows propped on the edge. You, on the other hand, come from behind, pulling her legs up if you need more room. If her legs keep hitting the side of the pool, ask your partner to extend them backward, while you lock them between your thighs.

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