Things to Avoid During Sex

4 Things to Avoid During Sex

Want to guarantee yourself a quality sex life, filled with all the good stuff?

Not that there is a guidebook to follow, but having really good sex comes with a few unwritten rules. First off, it is important to understand that no two lovers are the same, hence no two sex experiences will be the same either.

But, you know what?

The very understanding that no one is a sex expert can open more room for actually making the act more pleasurable. If that’s your goal as well, it is time we discuss the big no-no’s in the bedroom.

Don’t Hesitate to Share Your Secret Desires

Everyone has ‘forbidden’ sex fantasies, and the sooner we realize that the more comfort we can feel in-between the sheets. Sharing is caring, for sure, and with sex, it is no different, which is why sharing your fantasies with your sex partner can lead you to greater erotic pleasure and fulfillment. Stepping out of your comfort zone during sex can seem awkward, and yet, once done, it can enrich your bedroom performance immensely.

Avoid During Sex: Don’t Just ‘Put up with It’

Hiding your discomforts during sex, or worse- having to fake an orgasm- can do more damage to your sexual performance than good. In all honesty, faking sex or pleasure is a lose-lose situation for both you and your partner. Instead of swiping it all under the rug and experiencing an average and almost dull sex- talk about your issues and simply put, let loose and be eager to improve. ;

Don’t Shy Away from Imagining Someone Else!

There has long been a stigma on whether imagining someone else while having sex is fruitful for a healthy sex life. Thankfully, most experts agree that playing around with your fantasies can add quality to your time spent in bed. Beneficial for arousal, exploration and thrive, imagining someone else instead of your partner can improve your overall sexual satisfaction. Still, even so, fantasizing about another person and yelling out another’s name…well, it’s not a combo we’d recommend…so be considerate.

Avoid During Sex: Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously!

Dry vaginas, episodic impotence, things simply not working out…anything goes in the bedroom. However, that does not mean to become depressed and lose your stamina. Instead, understand that everyone, men and women, experience mishaps on occasions. The sooner you realize this, the better you can handle the problem…even with a in-midst-of-sex laughs. We’re all humans after all, right?

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