The Dos and Don’ts When Greeting an Escort!

Booking your first escort date can be quite thrilling and even nerve-wracking. The booking itself guarantees you a splendid, passionate and pleasurable date; but first things’ first – let help you greet your escort!
The truth is, whilst many clients know what they want out of their escort date; not many are aware of the etiquette required when greeting an escort before your date continues. To help you introduce yourself properly before your date begins, here are the dos and don’ts of greeting an escort.

Don’t: Handshake

When first meeting an escort, handshakes are not the ideal way to get introduced. Instead of a handshake, which can seem a bit too formal; make some room to exchange a few words with your escort. Ask her how she’s feeling, if she arrived at your destination safely and if she’s ready to begin your date. Names should be excluded when greeting your escort; as should detailed introductions – leave those for when you are alone and in private.

Don’t: Pay on the Spot

Whilst paying for an escort date should be done before the date begins; you don’t want to bring the money when greeting your escort. The best way to go about this aspect of your date is to hand your escort the money upstairs in your hotel room. In doing so, ensure the money is not handed point blank but that is nicely placed in a discreet envelope.

Do: Provide a Description

Before you meet your escort, let her know details on your appearance and location. Such include your height, the clothes you are wearing, the place where you will wait for her to arrive; and anything else that will distinguish you from other visitors. Another thing you can do to avoid confusion is to dress in a specific colour T-shirt; even if just whilst waiting for your escort to arrive, so she can easily recognize you.

Do: Smile and Talk

A wide smile says volumes about a client’s personality and it is important you are radiant and vibrant so your escort immediately feels comfortable in your presence.

After asking your escort how she is and if she’s ready to continue the date, you should also offer her the option to get drinks at the hotel bar first before heading to your room. If your escort is meeting you directly in your room; let the front desk know you are expecting a guest and give your escort your room number so she can directly meet you upstairs.