Got a Taller Partner? Here are 5 Sex Positions that Work!

While it doesn’t happen often that the lady is taller than the man, sex and romance know no boundaries. As far as sex is concerned, Taller Partner can find it challenging to have sex with a shorter man. However, nothing in sex is impossible and neither are the positions.

If your partner’s height gets in the way of good sex, here are 5 positions to get it on without a problem.

Any Variation of Doggy Style

The best way to equate your height difference is to get your lady on all fours and take her from behind. Doggy style is a versatile position and can be done in a number of ways, so this is also your chance to experiment with it.

Taller Partner: In Your Arms!

For this position, you will have to stand upright and lift your partner up in your arms. To get a better hold of her body, she can left her butt hang a bit, while you grab onto the bottom of her feet, holding her in place. Aaaand, take off.


With a taller partner, men have to get inventive and that’s one of the perks of dealing with the situation. A height-effective position, lie with your partner on your sides, with your head at her feet and vice versa. Have your babe wrap her legs around you and ‘settle’ in place. Great for comfort and penetration depth, this position is more than just about height.

Taller Partner: A Table

Now, we are not talking any kind of table. If your sex partner is taller, you will have to find a table which matches your compatibility. Typically a lower, coffee table would do the trick, but make sure it’s steady before continuing with your erotic games.

Under Water

Underwater sex is great for couples who like to explore their desires but also for those where the woman is taller than the man. If you are in a pool, you can have the woman backed up against the wall, with her legs over the man’s lap. You’ll probably have to pull off a good footwork here as well, but anything for hot sex, right?

Edge of the Bed

If your gal is taller than you, this position will help you ‘even’ things out. Have the woman sit at the edge ofyour couch or bed and lift her legs in the air. This way you can get a whole look at what’s happening and engage in easy and reachable penetration.


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