Need a Stamina Boost? Try These 5 Tips!

Sexual endurance is highly important to men, not just physically but emotionally as well. Namely, aside from heightening your sexual performance; endurance in bed can also give you a confidence boost and mental security in bed.

Losing an erection or sexual desire is not considered a particularly favorite experience among men; but it is not an unfixable issue either. What’s more, there are plenty of tools to help you last longer in bed, and below will help give you Stamina Boost! 

Stamina Boost: Medical Exam!

First things’ first, if you are facing a more serious issue in terms of sexual endurance, it’s best to do schedule a physical exam. In some cases, age is not the only cause for sexual excitement loss; so it’s best to get checked and see if the issue is even medical. That said, men often correlate sexual stamina to having a solid fitness regime; but sadly, studies showed that working out won’t help the loss of endurance…but it will make you fitter, which is nice.  

Behavioral Therapy!

Although it sounds a little ‘out there’, behavioral therapy has been known to help poor stamina. The sessions usually involve a series of exercises; such as bringing yourself to an orgasm and then squeezing the area below the head of the penis. This technique redirects the blood back down and delays your ejaculation in return.

Stamina Boost: A Helping Hand!

Having satisfactory stamina in bed is as much as your effort as your partner’s. While it isn’t easy admitting you need some help with the situation; a proper handjob technique by your partner could help you maintain your endurance. If the issue is emotional (you are not comfortable around your partne, you have self-esteem issue, etc.) you should discuss it with your other half and figure out ways to make it work.

Reduce Stress!

Stress and anxiety can contribute to losing sexual stamina in bed. Therefore, try to limit your daily exposure to stress triggers. For a more effective sexual performance, try mediating right before having sex (of course, if possible), and go into the thrill stress-free. 

Stamina Boost: No Self-Criticism!

If you are not happy with your sexual stamina, don’t take it out on yourself. Beating yourself down won’t help fix the issue; so think outside the box and figure out how you can help yourself instead. Losing sexual endurance is a more common issue among men than you think, so don’t overthink it.


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