The Dos and Dont’s of Shower Sex?

Ideally, shower sex sounds utterly hot, undeniably provocative and if done right; it can be a mutual pleasure to repeat over and over again. Still, with sex in the shower, there are plenty of things that can easily go wrong, given that you are under a splash of water and inside a very narrow cabin.

But, to get on the right track, there are several things to always do or avoid when having sex in the shower. Read on to learn the ins and outs that can make or break your shower sex routine.

The Dos

    Use Lubricant

You can try to deny it, but lubricant makes a very important part of your sex life, and that applies even in the shower. In fact, many couples suggest that lubricants can actually work better in the shower; as it creates a more slippery and soothing penetration. If you haven’t been using lubricant thus far; choose a nice silicone-based product and next time you hit the shower, bring it along for extended pleasure.

  • Hold On

The shower is a slippery place and if you are not careful, it can easily turn your sex games into a very painful experience. To avoid this, make sure you always use nearby shower cabin objects to hold on to. Whether it is your showerhead set-up; the side of your bathtub or a wall, finding that extra balance during shower sex is going to keep you steady and secure.

  • A Non-Slip Mat

One of the biggest favors you can do yourself while having sex in the shower is getting a non-slipping floor mat. Of course, shower sex will have you moving in all directions; so having a steady ground under your feet while doing it will save you unnecessary injuries and bruises. If you can, build a small bathroom seat against the wall, thus creating a safer space for all your naughty adventures.

Shower Sex The Don’ts

  • Soap is Not Lube

One of the biggest misconceptions about soap is that it can serve as a lubricant during shower sex. In short, that so far from the truth and very unnecessary. All soaps are intended for external use only, meaning they will irritate your insides if you use them internally. Even more, some soaps contain ingredients that can cause your privates to sting; so it’s best you leave the foam party for external massage only. 

  • Trying New Positions

If you want to experiment with new positions, the shower cabin is not the place for it. Do it in the Shower can be fun, yes, but going overboard with bending and folding into unimaginable positions will only get your hurt. Shower sex offers a handful of interesting positions you can safely try already, such as seated on the tile floor, doggy style and up against the wall.

  • Avoid Foreplay

Having sex in the shower doesn't mean it will always be a quickie, so pay attention to providing great foreplay to your partner. Whether it is oral sex under a splash of hot water or using the showerhead as a stimulator; going slow (even in the shower!) will get your partner wetter and anticipating your next move!

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