A Woman’s Desire: Ways to Tell She’s Sexually Aroused!

Sexually Aroused and desires are not manifested the same in men and women. On one hand, men are more upfront about wanting sex and showing their arousal. Women, on the other hand, usually take a detour from direct manifestation of sexual arousal and show more discreet signs of it.

For men, understanding a woman’s excitement level is crucial, especially when it comes to her wanting to have sex. Sure enough, there are various signs through which a woman exudes her sexual excitement, and below we are listing 5 of them!

Sexually Aroused: Arm Proximity

A woman sexually interested in you will not embrace you but will make sure her arms are very close to your body. Try noticing if she is keeping her arms close to you intentionally, which should indicate a definite go-signal.

On other occasions, a woman could place her arms above her head, on your chest, or on the side of the sheets. This usually indicates she is interested and comfortable enough, which gives you the room to make a move.

Heavy Breaths

A quite typical sign for women to show excitement in bed is heavy breathing. Usually, heavy breaths are a result of sexual arousal and sufficient stimulation.

When the heart rate increases, a woman’s body prepares for an orgasm, meaning she needs more oxygen running through the body. This, in other words, gives you a thumb up for doing a good job.

Sexually Aroused: Body Language

One of the things typical for a woman ‘on fire’ is demanding physical closeness with her body. Grinding, pushing herself against you and curling toes are normally great signs which show a woman’s sexual desire, so feel free to explore it once you notice these.


Sexual arousal can sometimes cause for a woman to mimic your movements. In most cases, a woman swings her hips rhythmically and tries to synchronize with your tempo. Even with sex still out of the picture, this behavior is a direct sign of interest.

Sexually Aroused: Internal Matters

If you are already having sex but want to ensure that your lady is enjoying your moves, keep her internal movements in check. This means that when a woman is excited, she contracts her internal muscles, almost involuntarily.

With this, she expresses an erotic urge and is trying to get one step closer to an orgasm, which now gives you the permission to pick up the pace as well.

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