12 Sexual Fantasies That are Actually Common (vol.2)

As the concept of sex changed throughout the years, so did the discussion of our sexual fantasies and why we have them. Sometimes, a sex fantasy can be a great trigger for trying out something new and out of the ordinary. Other times, sex fantasies can be a secret craving we yet wish to explore and indulge in. Most times, however, we keep our sex fantasies all to ourselves and enjoy them whenever in private.

Nevertheless, having Sexual Fantasies is both common and okay. To save you from being weirded out by your own secret desires, here are 6 more edgy fantasies that we all share.

Sexual Fantasies: Sensory Deprivation!

Using a blindfold during sex or having your hands and legs tied can add a special flavor to your experience. If you haven’t tried sensory deprivation thus far, you have likely fantasized about it. But, there is something extra special in not knowing what’s next, but secretly anticipating the level of sexual arousal coming your way.

Exhibitionism and Voyeurism!

Showing off sexually is considered a rather risky move to pull in practice, but it’s nonetheless a popular fantasy among many. Feeling excited about the naked body brings a fair share of arousal, as it is exciting to see someone dressing down in front of you, or even more, masturbating. 

Sexual Fantasies: Sex with an Ex!

Although sex with an ex is not a fantasy you’ll likely indulge into, it is an existing desire worthy exploring. When it comes to fantasizing about sex with an ex, usually, the fantasy takes all negative emotions out of the picture and leaves the good and known parts in it, which initially makes the fantasy so hot.

Sex with a Professor!

Tricky to pull off in real life, fantasizing about having sex with your teacher is a very common occurrence. Teachers are usually these intriguing and smart individuals which cause us to have the fantasy in the first place and to top the fantasy, there’s always the forbidden factor that makes it all that juicier.

Sexual Fantasies: Multiple Partners!

From threesomes to orgies and swinger parties, fantasizing about multiple sex partners is a very common concept. Even more, it is not just men that oftentimes share this fantasy, but women as well. Typically, this type of fantasy arises from our need to feel satisfied all-around and worshipped by more than one person at the same time.  

Taboo Sex!

Taboo sex fantasies can involve anything from golden showers and BDSM to kinky talk and forbidden lust matches. While we couldn’t know what makes part of your taboo fantasies, the reality is that everything that’s considered ‘off-limits’ can become a real sexual urge for many.

Source:   https://www.glamour.com/story/6-totally-normal-sex-fantasies

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