Clever Ways to Read a Woman’s Sexual Body Language!

The key to great sexual attraction is that you have to let your sexual body language do the talking. Aside from the obvious flirty gestures we make once a spark ignites, our bodies also tell an involuntary story of how hot we are for the person beside us.

Whereas for men flirting is pretty much self-explanatory, women tend to express their sexual excitement in a discreetly provoking manner. If you never noticed the small signals a woman is charging at you through her body, here are 5 aspects to pay attention to next time.

1. Eye Contact - Sexual Body Language

The power of eye contact is a deal-breaker, especially in terms of lust. When a woman shows a sensual interest in you, she will keep her gaze playful, cheeky and steady, thus letting you know she’s game. In addition, women tend to look at you, then down, and then right back up again. Fairly flirty, right?

2. Hair Play

When a woman feels a natural connection to a man, she tends to show off her hair, much like lions show off their manes. That said, a woman might touch her hair to her cleavage, play with it, and twirl hair locks around her fingers. Tossing the hair in midst of talking, however, is a clear sign of physical attraction.

3. Cleavage Games - Sexual Body Language

If a woman experiences instant chemistry in your company, she will likely out her cleavage out in the spot. Not in a vulgar, but rather provoking manner, a woman knows how to show off her finest curves, and will have her bosom facing you the entire time…even if covered up.

4. Touch

Touching is more intimate for women than men. Therefore, if a woman brushes herself against you, or runs her hand in your hair, or even fixes your collar…you can count on a mutual interest. Physical attraction relies on the power of touching, and women are not shy to experiment with it.

5. Legs - Sexual Body Language

Women know the art of seduction more than men, and one way to show it is through their legs. When a woman feels erotically connected to you, she will likely lean toward you and slightly part her legs. Not on purpose, but rather by instinct, a woman who uncrosses her knees is giving you a green light.

But hey, even if you are having troubles recognizing the signs of body language, you can still do the manly thing and…well, ask.


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