5 Issues with Having Sex in a Hot Tub!

The idea of a hot tub and some lovemaking in it might sound idyllic, but the reality of it is not that bright. A hot tub can be quite problematic when it comes to sex, and for a few reasons, too. From hygiene to rashes, here are 5 issues that come with having sex in a hot tub.

A Hot Tub Can Cause Infections!

Sharing water with someone else is one thing, but having sex in warm water can increase the chances of bacteria transfer. For women, sex in hot tubs can be the cause of a vaginal infection, whereas for men, warm water can easily irritate the delicate skin around the penis.

You Can Get Unpleasant Rashes!

Unfortunately, having sex in a hot tub can easily lead to skin rashes. Likely, sex in a tub will have you sitting in the water longer, which can then lead to hot tub folliculitis. This condition is a direct cause for itchy and painful rashes that resemble pimples or the chickenpox. Typically, it takes over a week to get rid of the condition, but continuing the hot tub practice will bring it back.

There are Chances of Pregnancy!

Now, here’s a catchy one. Despite considering getting pregnant in a tub a myth, the reality of the situation is not that implausible. Hot water is thought of as the perfect semen repellent, but the truth is, it’s not. And as this goes for having sex in hot tubes, it also applies to public pools as well.

Hot Tub Sex Not as Smooth as You Think!

It’s one thing to consider hot water pleasant on the body, but it’s totally another thing to have sex in hot water. The reality is that hot water increases irritation during penetration, so you might experience some stinging and discomfort. Plus, keep in mind that most hot tubes are chemically washed to be sterile, and those can also make the experience even more uneasy.

Still a Fan of Sex in Water?

While the tub is not the ideal place to have sex, the shower might be. If you are a fan of having sex in water, the shower will definitely be a cleaner and more appropriate alternative to hot tubs. And if you do go through with it, please keep in mind that shower sex positions are trickier to pull off. That’s why it’s important you do your diligent research and learn how to make it work.

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