6 Sex Habits that Can Ruin Your Experience!

Sex is an endless field of exploration and unraveling. With plenty of knowledge on sex already, it is oftentimes hard to get it wrong, but no impossible. Have you ever had the kind of sex was supposed to be so good, but ended up being quite the average?

Not to be worried, many couples experience flops and awkward moments in bed. Usually, this happens because men tend to think they got it right, and women hesitate to speak their minds on what was done wrong.

Interestingly, there are several things you might be getting wrong in bed without realizing it. To make amends and improve, here are the 6 sex habits to avoid doing.

Fighting for Attention

Many men will oftentimes rush foreplay to get to the sex part, which to women is a huge no-no. Namely, if you want to experience the fruits of great sex, something’s got to give first. That said, let go of the idea that sex has to be a competition or a sport. Instead, ease into it and let the mood direct your tempo.

Asking If She’s Had an Orgasm

Come on, really? When women have orgasms, they manifest it physically through various indicators. So, asking if a woman orgasmed can be such a redundant question, especially since she expects you to know what you’re doing.

I mean, if you have to ask, then you probably already know the answer to that one.


Of course, we all get tired at times, and our sex lives suffer in return. However, no one is ever too exhausted to have sex, so what we are likely talking about a vitamin deficiency you need to consider.

Sex is an activity you’d always want to keep on a roll because once you neglect it, it loses its importance. Even if you pass on the idea of having sex, doing it in favor of sleeping is not the wisest.

Talking Too Much

While occasional dirty talk is always recommended, blabbering in bed can be a great turn-off for women. Of course, she might not urge you to shut up, so it’s up to you to zip it up and get back into action.

Dry Humping

It’s not that women don’t enjoy dry humping, because they do. Simply, dry humping is not a method of flirting or teasing, despite being treated as such. Dry humping should be part of your foreplay, but never in a forced or forthcoming way.


Without knowing it, many men will use lots of teeth when giving oral sex to their partners. While using teeth delicately can be a great teaser, overdoing it can really spoil the fun for your partner, or worse, cause pain. As much as you enjoy biting and marking your territory, keep in mind that such kinks are not to be taken too far.

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