10 Juicy Tips to Drastically Improve Your Sex Game (vol.1)

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself to be a great lover, you can always do better and bring something new to the bedroom. The things about making sex hotter and more enjoyable for both parties is to get creative and orchestrate a desirable dynamics between the sheets.

What is it that you do best? Whether it is foreplay, roleplay or any other kind of play, there’s always room for you to learn how to up your sex game and do these things even better.

If you are interested in showing your partner a few sexy moves you got hidden up your sleeve, here are 12 scenarios to get you there.

Don’t Do Something for Reciprocation Only!

The power of giving someone else their own form of pleasure is one of the best things you can do to improve your sex life. Although everyone seeks that specific erotic thrill, giving it and expecting it to be reciprocated is not the way to go. Instead of waiting for your partner to do the same things you did, try giving her an erotic session of her own, thus taking your expectations out of the equation.

Sex Game: Uncover the Hidden Bits!

All women have erogenous zones you know nothing about. The secret to great sex is to take your time discovering these and stimulating the hell out of them. Whether it is soft bites on the thighs, a sensual foot massage or an elaborated clitoral stimulation, give yourself the chance to learn how to provide pleasure other than with penetration only.

The Anticipation Game!

When things get heated in the bedroom, everyone wants to jump into action. However, taking things slow and creating anticipation for your partner will drive her crazy for your touch. Playing the ‘almost, but not yet’ game will give you the time to do foreplay properly, and will have your partner moaning your name way before you get to penetration.

Sex Game: Multitask!

Sometimes, being in charge of your partner’s sexual satisfaction means pulling all the stops. Aside from your lips, hands, and tongue, it is recommended you take the time to do some multitasking. How so? From bringing a vibrator to bed to using binds, candle wax and blindfolds, doing a one-man sex show will earn you bonus performance points.

The Sting and The Caress!

Combining roughness and gentleness in sex is very important in pleasing your partner. And don’t worry, you can get creative in many ways. From hair tugging, while massaging the clitoris to pinning your partner’s hands above her head while sucking on her lips- the hot and cold sensation is a definite winner!

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