10 Juicy Tips to Drastically Improve Your Sex Game (vol.2)

Even for the most assured lovers out there, keeping sex fun and engaging can still be a work of progress.

In sex, there’s always something new to learn, experiment with and try, and below, we offer 5 more sizzling tips to make your sex life hotter and improve you Sex Game and make it more exciting and better than ever! 

Improve Your Sex Game: Ask, Wait, Do!

The ask-wait-do combination is a helpful little trick that will give you an idea of what your partner actually wants. Asking questions is not part of the menu in many sexual relationships, but it needs to be. And just as important as the question ‘What do you want me to do?’ is, so is waiting for the answer. If your partner is a shy one, give her the room to come up with a straight answer and guidance. To make this practice even more effective, don’t take nonverbal signs as an answer, but rather wait for an actual one.


There’s no great sex without great foreplay, and by foreplay, we also mean PDA. Typically, at home is where you feel your sexiest and most open self, but if you really want to make your partner happy, get the teasing going out to town. Women oftentimes respond to cuddles, hugs and stolen kisses in public, and will gladly reward you as soon as you get home.

Experiment with Penetration!

Aside from your tongue and fingers, there are a lot more ways to engage in penetration and get the same erotic effect in return. Think about it, anything from dildos to a random and ‘fitting’ object in your home can work as a sexy penetrative tool, and it will give your partner a new appreciation for sexual stimulation. Of course, no matter what you use, it’s always recommended you keep your toys clean or use a rubber.

Anything, but…!

The anything, but… game is easy to pull off- you stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones from a distance. Whether it is nipples or clitoris, instead of just going for your main target, play around with what surrounds them. Putting away direct stimulation will definitely excite your partner just enough for her to actually ask for some action. And that can be pretty freaking sexy!

Improve Your Sex Game: Mirror, mirror!

Mirrors can be quite handy when it comes to boosting sexual arousal. Having sex in front of a mirror is hot, personal and somewhat exposing, and that is exactly what makes it worthwhile. Don’t rush yourself into action, though, as foreplay in front of a mirror is a pleasurable act all on its own. 

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