Sex At Christmas with These 6 Hot Tips!

If you have been infested with the holiday cheer, we get it! Christmas makes one of the most popular and beloved holidays of the year, and as such, is a worthy season for exploring your sexual fantasies as well.

In case your love life has been getting a bit rusty, here are 6 effective tips to get back into the game and end the year in a sexier way!

Sex At Christmas:Free You’re Mind!

Good Christmas sex constitutes no boundaries, restrictions or shyness. Instead, give yourself this time to revolutionize everything you know about sex, and experiment with pleasure all the way. Cling your rum glasses, feel the heat and let loose, together with the Christmas spirit.

Fantasies First!

Both men and women have dirty fantasies they have never explored, and what better time to do so than Christmas? Aside from being in a good mood during the holiday, exploring your fetishes can be spicier than your Christmas cinnamon latte and will guarantee you a sex thrill you’ll never forget…role-playing, here we come!

Sex At Christmas: A Sexy Surprise!

If you have trouble asking for what you want in bed, let your Christmas present socks do it for you. Make a list of goodies you’d want to experiment with and fill up your and your partner’s stockings with leather belts, cuffs, whip cream or a nice lingerie. And then, get down to business.

Love Coupons!

Both you and your partner can write up some sex coupons and use them whenever you want. To make the game more interesting, write up the ‘wish’ behind every coupon without your partner knowing what it is about. As soon as someone finds a coupon, you can reveal the treat your partner is in for.

Sex At Christmas: The Bottle Game!

Spinning a bottle is still considered one of the riskiest and most fun games to play. To make it sexier and for two people only, get a bottle and ask sexy questions or reveal some of your biggest sex fantasies. If anyone refuses to answer a question, come up with steamy dares you will have to do in return.

Christmas Poker Night!

You already have an idea of where this is heading, and yet, naked poker has been one of the sexiest games for couples to play. But, as it is Christmas, and you want to make things more interesting than usual, come up with other naughty punishments once the stripping is done.


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