5 Quirky Sex Ideas to Bring Into the New Year!

New Year, new you, right? Get ready to become your best self for the upcoming year and begin with your sex life! If you are in a relationship, you already know that sex can get a bit boring over time. However, the new year comes baring plenty of dirty ideas to help you spice things up with your partner…or otherwise.

To truly transform your sex life and get into the it-feels-so-good zone, here are 5 intriguing tips to consider.

Quirky Sex Ideas This New Year: No Intercourse!

If sex is turning into a dull practice, the best way to improve it is to leave it be for a while. Interestingly, there are countless ways to get sexy without an intercourse, including mutual masturbation, dry humping, kissing and lying in bed naked. As with every good thing, sex, too, has to become part of the play. If you want to make the anticipation more exhilarating, go for a sex-sober January.

The Back Door!

Once you get your sexy groove back, you can still refrain from sex as you know it. One of the ways to do it is to kick things off at the back door, both your partner’s and yours. Stop cringing, it’s fun! Get some lube, get naked and go slowly. For yourself, if a full-on penetration is unimaginable, have your partner use her fingers or better yet, a vibrating butt plug. Now we’re talking!

Quirky Sex Ideas This New Year: Invest in Toys!

Believe it or not, vibrators and dildos are not the toys we are referring to. Boosting your sex life means boosting your sex shop list as well, so get out of your own head and begin thinking about the kinky stuff. What are your options, you ask? Take your pick between suede floggers, leather restraints, mouth gags, soft whips and so much more!


A great way to enhance your take on a role play is to have themed sex get-togethers and explore your options. For the new year, make a list of the sexy themes you want to try and turn the ideas into a lottery. Fun and so far from boring, this little game will certainly keep your love life alive!

Quirky Sex Ideas This New Year: A Sex Therapy!

Talking to a sex therapists is not only intended for couples who have issues in bed. Instead of thinking of it as such, look forward to talking to an expert who will give you solid pointers on how to be a better sex partner. And leave shyness to the side when discussing sex in front of your sex therapists- he/she has likely heard it all before.

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