5 Hot Phone or Video Call Escort Date Ideas to Try Now!

Is your period of self-isolation getting in the way of your dating life? If so, then you are not looking at all your options!

With actual escort dating out of the picture, at the Leeds and Yorkshire escort agency, you can now book a virtual date escort date via phone or video call!

Hotlines have are likely the most retro way of escort dating, but offer plenty of options for long-distance lovers who just want something special on their lonely night! At the same time, video calls take your pleasure a bit higher, giving you a stunning visual effect of your favorite escort date in full swing!

So, how can you have a great phone or video call date? Below, we suggest 5 creative ways you can try!

Never Have I Ever…!

A popular game to play, Never Have I Ever can be easily played during video calls. What is even better, is that the game can be as simple or as naughty as you want. Got a sexy Never Have I Ever question to ask your date? Pour yourself a drink, get in the mood and ask away!

Phone or Video Call Escort Date Ideas to Try: Edging!

As most of you have heard about edging, we won’t go into definitions. However, what we will say is that edging can be a truly raunchy game to play during your escort date. Of course, having a visual of your date can be a bonus to your game, but the game can also be played with something as simple as sexy talk and sound effects.


This game works great for phone calls, and will surely keep your escort date on the saucier side of things. The game is simple and encourages both parties to guess questions asked. For instance, you can go with something simple like ‘Guess what kind of color by bed sheets are?’ or you can be a bit more creative. We know you can.

Phone or Video Call Escort Date Ideas to Try: Strip Poker!

To maximize your video call date, play strip poker with your escort. A thrilling game to play, you can play regular poker online at the same time, and apply the stripping rules as it fits you. And given the game is played online and physical touch is off-limits, it can really boost your adrenaline and testosterone.


Although not on an actual date, you can still go for the whole date shebang virtually. Light some candles, put nice music on, and even dress up if you want. Then, find a cozy seat and get into talking, teasing and flirting with your escort.

Ready to book your best self-isolation date yet? Call the Leeds and Yorkshire escort agency now to learn more!

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