Period Sex: A Combination You’ll Grow to Love!

Ever thought of having sex while your partner’s on her period? Ever tried it?

There is a great stigma surrounding period and sex, although there is no particular reason for it. In fact, periods are normal part of every woman’s life and when introduced into the bedroom, they can lead to some seriously amazing sex!

When having period sex, staying safe against STDs and pregnancy is crucial. However, if done right, sex can be a way to boost your kinky bedroom play and try something out of the box.

What makes period sex so desirable, aside from the bloody feel of it? Read on and remember, keeping an open mind is essential for extraordinary sex life!

Benefits of Period Sex!

Especially important for women, period sex can almost turn into a healing experience.

One of the greatest benefits of period sex is natural lubrication, achieved with the help of menstrual blood. When the lubrication is on point, you can count on your partner to be more excited during your naughty sexual shenanigans. Another upside to having sex due in her period is healing menstrual cramps through orgasming. 

Of course, the stronger the orgasm, the lesser the menstrual cramps, hence the greater the enjoyment. 

Period Sex Feels Good!

Having sex while your partner is on can make the experience quite exhilarating. This is usually because having sex due in her time of the month introduces a hormonal change in the body. That means that while on their period, women have higher progesterone levels, which gives out the same effects as horniness during ovulation. Hello, sex drive!

Sex Positions that Work whiles On!

Before going all in, you will have to communicate period sex with your partner. A woman’s body is more sensitive during their periods, which is why you’ll likely have to go softer. To make sure you are both entitled to your enjoyment, we’d like to introduce you to the best positions while she's on!

For a clean and mess-free experience, shower sex works like a charm. This way, you will have double the lubricant, the hot water stimulation and the tight space for a greater intimacy. On to missionary style, this position is excellent for sex, with your missus’ butt lifted in the air. This also reduces the odds for getting blood on the sheets and can be easier for penetration, too. 

Finally, if none of these are appeal to you, you can go for the traditional doggy style, thus enjoying full control and a first-seat view of the hot, sexy mess!


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