6 Great Positions for Painless More Comfortable Sex!

Comfort and enjoyment play a huge role in having not just good, but great sex. For women, certain sexual positions and stimulations can be quite enjoyable, whereas others can cause certain pain and discomfort.

Of course, wild and animalistic sex sounds exciting and arousing, but so can taking things slow and more erotic. If you have a partner who is responsive to pain and more sensitive in bed, here are 6 superb sex positions to make things Painless More Comfortable Sex.

Painless More Comfortable Sex: Missionary Play!

Despite popular opinion, the missionary position doesn’t have to be as dull as it sounds. In fact, to get the maximum out of it, engage in a full body-on-body missionary. Here, the woman lies flat on her back, parting her legs just enough for the man to penetrate. Aside from comfort, the position is amazing for stimulating the G-spot and clitoris. And, it leaves lots of room for intimacy as well, so why not?

Bring In the Pillow!

A pillow can really help you ease into sex and make it more pleasant and equally as exciting. The position requires the woman to lie on her stomach, placing a pillow just beneath her hips. Aside from easier access, the man can provide deeper and more controlled penetration.

Painless More Comfortable Sex: Love on Top!

When pain interferes with good sex, it is probably for the best to let your woman control the situation. A cowgirl position can be great for various reasons. In short, you do less than half the work and enjoy a sensational view. In the meantime, the woman is free to control the level of penetration and movement intensity.

Lean Back!

One of the most pleasing sex positions is the lean-back position. To make it happen you’ll need to lean against a table or a wall while facing one another. For extra comfort, the woman can lift one of her legs, leaving you lots of space for stimulation. Get rhythmic, won’t you?!

Painless More Comfortable Sex: To the Side!

As one of the most easygoing and pleasurable positions, turning things sideways can really pay off in bed. Not only is the position more personal and touchy-feely, but it is also great for stimulating the breasts and clitoris.

Master of Toys!

If you want to ensure a painless and arousing sex session, don’t be afraid to bring a vibrator into the mix. Not just for solo sessions, a vibrator can lead to greater wetness and therefore comfort in women. Even if engaging in penetration, choose a position that works well for toys, such as reverse cowgirl or practically half of the aforementioned.

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