Reasons Why Your are Not Enjoying Sex as Much!

It doesn’t happen very often, but feeling unwilling to have sex might be a result of a few factors. It is important to mention that men and women don’t perceive sex the same, so these no-no reasons might vary.

However, there is some middle ground as to what puts both men and women off the idea of , Here 5 of Reasons Why Your are Not Enjoying Sex as Much! 

Not Your Flavor!

Sometimes, you don’t like the idea of sex because you know what is coming ahead. There is no excitement in what’s to come because it all feels a bit too familiar. You can already tell the positions, timeframe and the outcome of your sexual endeavor, and you realize you are not feeling like doing it again. To prevent this issue, try switching things up in bed. Try a new place or a new position, and include enough excitement to make you fall in love with sex all over again.   

Not Enjoying Sex as Much: Body Image!

One of the main reasons we hate the idea of having sex is because we struggle with body image. It can be something that happens in an instant- you feel like your belly is too big, your butt is too flat or your double chin just doesn’t look right. Well, guess what? That is how people look, and it has nothing to do with your ability to enjoy sex.

Emotional Detachment!

Stress, feeling moody or just having a bad day can all affect your desire to have sex. Emotional detachment can also happen if you have been fighting with your partner a lot, or if you are simply not interested in them sexually anymore. However, emotions can spiral out of control if you let them, so whatever it is that bugs you, wait it out before acting rashly.

Lack of Lubrication and Foreplay!

We have talked about how important lubrication and foreplay are in sex, and when you skip them, you set yourself up for an ugly experience. Arousal and stimulation can really do wonders for your sex life, but if you haven’t been using either, that might be the answer to your troubles.

Not Enjoying Sex as Much: Expectations!

You imagined this grandiose night of having sex and all you got was a 20-minute adventure. What a bummer, right? Expectations work like worms inside our heads, and when you focus too much on them, they can spoil your desire to have sex at all. To aid that problem, it is wise you keep your expectations reasonable or, even better, speak up and ask for what you want.


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