Milan, 21

Sexy Young Stunner


Make your booking even more special. Milan has a collection of outfits she'd love to bring along.

You can request one of the outfits below when you book but please allow Milan a minimum of 24 hours before your booking time to gather and prepare the outfit you wish.

  • Naughty school girl

    blouse, mini pleated skirt, knee high socks, tie.

  • Sexy bondage

    wet look pvc zip lingerie dress, stockings, knee high boots, rope.

  • Sexy Secretary

    buttoned pinafore, stockings, glasses.

  • Sexy lingerie

    body suits, plunge bras, stocking, suspenders

Blonde Naughty Escort - Milan.

Date, Blonde Naughty Escort, Milan

Do you dare take dating to the next level? The regular dos and don’ts on the first date can truly be a mood buzzkill. Let’s get real, who would ever choose enjoying a date that comes with a handful of criteria and expectations. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, this is the dating society as we know it. But, deep under the covers which make traditional dating almost predictable, is another type of date waiting to happen. Escort dating has become a driving force in the adult world of entertainment. Aside from being completely private and discrete, dating an escort is also as fulfilling as you want it to be. Don’t believe us? No need to, we’ll let gorgeous escort Milan convince you otherwise.

A Sexy Way of Dating!

Dating an escort like Milan comes with a number of perks. Milan, for instance, is one of the best Wakefield escort, and dates local and international clients who know want their ladies edgy! The secret behind Milan’s fabulous reputation and high demand lies in her experience.

In spite of only being 21 years old, Milan is one of the most naturally skilled escorts and enjoys all sorts of dating activities. As a professional escort, Milan is ready to accept an outcall to wherever you see fit, whether at your hotel, home or out in town.

Milan is a voluptuous escort with the picture-perfect frame, holding each of her curves well packed and ready to be played with! Open to any scenario you can imagine, whether a dinner date, a get-together at the club or a private hot session at your hotel!

Milan is a discrete and elegant escort and makes a great fit in any date arrangement you enjoy- hot, sexy, steamy, you name it.

Is there anything better than dating a hot babe who knows her way around a man, and still leaves your single life intact? Didn’t think so, therefore read on to learn how to book sensational Milan for a date!

How to book a date with our Naughty Escort, Milan?

The easiest way to book a date with Milan today is to call the Wakefield VIP escort agency. On our online schedule, you can see all of Milan’s available dates and hours, as well as the selection of our other escorts. Plus, the Wakefield VIP escort agency discusses all things fancy on our weekly blog, so feel free to learn more on what your options are!

As for services, the Escort Centre agency offers plenty. The most popular service we offer is outcall booking, which helps protect your privacy during your date with Milan. This also means you can meet Milan at a more intimate place, like your home or hotel. To learn more and make a booking, call Wakefield VIP now!