5 Must Sex Toys Include in Your Toy Collection.

Does your sex toy collection is worthy of its purpose? Sex toys are versatile, helpful and pleasurable, and nowadays, the selection is more than generous. From hand masturbators to clit and nipple stimulators, it’s fascinating what a little rhythm and silicone can do.

So, are you up for the sexy challenge?

No worries, if you are behind on your sex toy experience, here are 5 Must Sex Toys from LoveyHoney to put on your erotic play bucket list!

The Mega 3-Inch Extension

When it comes to shapes and sizes, an inch more can give you the self-confidence boost you craved. Get yourself in a really sexy mood and use the Mega 3-inch Extension to maximize everything from actual penis size to sexual arousal. Practical and super penis-friendly, this little gadget will soon become your go-to BFF!

A Vibrating Cock Ring

Cock rings are fun to try even for the heck of it, but with vibration included in the process, it’s a whole new story of pleasure. Oftentimes, all vibrating cock rings have multiple speeds available to choose from, and aside from working the scrotum, they also work on the clitoris, penis, and nipples.

Must Sex Toys: Sex Beads!

Sex beads take a certain kind of kink to love. But, if you have it, you’ll have so much fun using the beads as part of your foreplay or masturbation. The beads are typically inserted in the vagina or anus and once pulled, they create a tingling and pleasurable sensation for a longer period of time.

A Sex Doll

With the arrival of sex dolls, one thing remained certain- you would never have to go on a sex spree to find your pleasure again! Sex dolls come in various shapes and sizes and make a great toy to use whenever you are far from your partner or simply enjoying a night on your own. If you are not a fan of the full-size doll, you can easily get the fake vagina-butt version, which kind of gets you the same effect. 

Must Sex Toys: Fleshlights!

One way to boost your sexual stamina and performance is to use an erotic fleshlight. One of the most popular sex toys among men, fleshlights are easy to use, carry around and hide if needed. If you are not as advanced in using them, you can begin with a trainer pack, but once you get the hang of it, you can also do your own customized masturbator.

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