5 Ways to Keep Long-Distance Relationships Sexy!

Long-distance relationships are not the ideal scenario in terms of sex. Interestingly enough, however, there are many ways to maintain a long-distance relationship and keep it sexier than ever. Aside from the lack of skin-on-skin contact, the idea of sex from afar can be truly thrilling to explore.

Not just for those in long-distance relationships, getting it on with your sex friend who lives miles away can be a whole lot of fun. And, here are 5 ways to make it happen.

Long-distance Relationships: Dirty Talk!

When at a distance, women like to get more limber and engage in dirty talking easier. Not being touched for some time creates excruciating sexual arousal, so don’t let shyness get in the way of speaking up.


With trust and reliability on your side, sexy photos can really boost your sexual pleasure, even at a distance. And although your woman might be more likely to send a snap wearing nothing but lingerie, you can also play along and send a steamy preview of your body, making her sexual appetite rise by the minute.

Long-distance Relationships: Instructions!

Playing by someone else’s rules must be one of the sexiest things to try during a long-distance relationship. Especially if you’re into the bossy attitude you can instruct your woman to do naughty things to herself and send evidence to prove it. Trust me, even something as simple as ‘Get in a bathtub and rub yourself with a lotion’ can get the mood going.


Bringing in toys to the mix is a great way to explore sex alone, but not all the way alone. Whether the woman uses a vibrator or you get hot and heavy with a sex doll, toys make sex just as enjoyable as the real thing. And if that doesn’t do it, there are plenty of vibrators that use remote controls at a distance, meaning you can get your lady off any time you please. And vice versa (wink!).

Long-distance Relationships: Make It Attainable!

If you are a more creative man, your lady will certainly enjoy reading a saucy paragraph of everything you want to do to her. Even if the roles are reversed, you can count on a hot read to get you in the mood for sex. If none of you is a writer by nature, screenshot raunchy book content and hit the ‘Send’ button.

As a plus, most social media apps allow you to record audio, so consider recording a deep sigh or a sexy moan and send it when she least expects it.

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