Having Less Sex Can Lead to Health Issues!

Having regular sex comes with a multitude of health benefits. In that same aspect, lack of sex or not having regular sex for a long time can have major disadvantages to your wellbeing. We all know sex helps burn calories, regulate feel-good hormones, and improve the mood.

But, what happens when sex is missing out of the picture on more than one occasion?

To emphasize just how significant regular sex is, here are 6 key health problems that stir up from not having it enough.

Colds and the Flu!

With regular sex, the body produces antibodies which empower the immune system. In turn, when you have irregular sex, you risk exposing your immune system to a variety of ailments. Such can include immunity crashing, allergy outbreaks, and an increased risk of contracting the flu or a cold.

Less Sex Can Lead to Health Issues: Hypertension!

Also known as high blood pressure, hypertension can occur as a result of having insufficient sex. Sex offers many stress-reducing qualities which help regulate your blood pressure, but when you give up having sex for a longer time, you risk interrupting this fine and natural course.

Prostate Cancer!

Studies show that sexually active men are more immune to developing prostate cancer. This all has to do with your ability to ejaculate, through which the prostate gland is emptied. By ejaculating, the prostate gland cleanses itself from toxins and harmful compounds, which keeps your prostate strong, functional, and healthy. 

Anxiety and Depression!

People who have less sex are far more exposed to anxiety and depression symptoms. Just like working out, sex helps the body produce more endorphins and oxytocin. Both considered happy hormones, oxytocin, and endorphins fight off anxiety and depression symptoms, so it is pretty stunning to realize that having sex might be one of your greatest allies in suppressing these conditions.

Less Sex Can Lead to Health Issues: Bladder Malfunction!

One of the downsides of not having regular sex is experiencing bladder issues. As sex strengthens your kegel muscles, it ensures your bladder is strong enough to contract and operate ideally. If you are feeling like peeing a tad too often, consider breaking your sex fast to fix the issue.

Erectile Dysfunction!

Last but not least, not having regular sex can lead to a variety of erectile dysfunctions in men. Sometimes, the lack of sex will weaken your reproductive muscles, and other times, it may even make it impossible for you to get an erection or ejaculate.

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