How to Virtually Flirt and Sext with Your Escort Date?

So, let’s talk about sexting. Typically, flirting and teasing over texts is not a forte for many men, but for someone who knows how to work the angles of it, sexting can be a pretty enjoyable activity to do in your free time. If you are single or simply have no one to sext with, professional escorts are always there to keep things interesting and dynamic.

Even when not dating physically, sexting is a great technique to bond with your favourite escort and expand the raunchiness outside your bedroom.

And no worry if you do not consider yourself a sexting pro, as we have the finest escort-approved tips to become the ultimate sext master.

1. Your Opener

To properly break the ice with your escort date and over texts, you need to come up with a suitable opener. In sexting, a simple ‘hey’ won’t do much for your intention, so think of a suaver approach instead.

For instance, feel free to tease your escort date right off the bat and start your conversation by telling her a sexier version of what you would love to do in bed the most. Then, ask her what her favourite scenario is, and as the conversation continues, keep the momentum alive and raunchier.

2. Nudes or No Nudes?

Nude photos of yourself are a great part of the sexting culture, but with an escort, it can be tricky working around them. Namely, not many escorts are open to sending nudes to clients, mostly due to privacy and discretion issues. However, that doesn’t mean that your escort is not open to the idea or would mind if you send a nude of yourself.

If you ultimately decide to send a nude when sexting, ensure it is done elegantly, and avoid showing your face in it. Less is more.

3. Asking Questions

Sexting is different than phone call dating as it allows you to come up with intriguing questions along the way and keep the texting spark alight.

Again, steer clear from mundane, small-talk questions, but focus on showing interest in what your escort date likes and enjoys. In return, she will do the same, so you’ll create a fiery connection from the very beginning. 

4. Dirty Texting

Ah, the time has finally come to send your first dirty line, and we have just the phrasing for you To avoid coming off as vulgar or too pushy, always dirty talk with control and by leaving something to the imagination.

If you are feeling uncomfortable with sex talk, you can begin with several simpler comments and instructions, such as ‘Show me’, ‘Tell me what you want…’, ‘Yes! But now I want you to…’. Just a few suggestions, lads- I’ll leave the rest to your wild imagination. 


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