How to Deal with Sexual Dissatisfaction?

We all know that sex is supposed to be an enjoyable act! but sometime many of us get frustrated along the way. The reasons for sexual frustration can vary- either your partner is not putting in enough effort or you have been slacking behind. Other reasons for feeling sexual dissatisfaction and unfulfilled might be ejaculation problems, emotional hurdles, or simply, losing the spark in your relationship.

No matter what causes it, Sexual Dissatisfaction can take a toll on your intimate life. If you want to fix things, here are 4 brilliant techniques to help you through it.

Don’t Play the Blame Game!

Although your first instinct would be to criticize your partner for your sexual unhappiness, refrain from saying the words. To make sex happen, it takes two to tango; so you are both are equally involved in the issue. Instead of throwing blames across the place, try opening up to your partner about what you’d like to do in bed. Have your partner do the same and share some of her fantasies; and use talk as a way to overcome your frustration in a fruitful manner.

If you cannot come up with fantasies to discuss, dive into your past, and share your favorite sex adventures with your partner. 

Sexual Dissatisfaction: Touch!

There is Sensate Focus Therapy, which is a focusese on sensual over sexual touch. This recommended for couples who have unsynchronized libidos and requires having no sex while it lasts. By taking sex out of the picture; you will feel more connected with your partner and feel less pressured to have average or half-decent sex. While sensually touching each other, avoid popular erogenous zones, and explore the rest of your partner’s body.

One of the reasons why unintentionally sexual touching works is because it creates anticipation; which ultimately creates sexual attraction and desire. 

Create Your Sexy List!

If you prefer writing things down instead of talking to your partner, make a list of your desires and needs. Your list can include sexual and non-sexual activities you can do as a couple; and with your partner doing a list of her own, you’ll soon see where you stand in your relationship. Once you do, dedicate the time to begin crossing things of both lists, meaning living out both of your fantasies.

Sexual Dissatisfaction: Toys Help!

Sexual frustration can be easily eliminate by using sex toys in bed. No matter what your preferences include, chances are, you will find the perfect toy for it. Whether it is teasing, penetrating, sucking, licking, or all of the above, using sex toys on yourself and your partner is quite satisfying.


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