How Self-Isolation Affects Your Sex Life?

Staying at home during quarantine can take its toll on your sex life. Especially if you are single, depriving yourself of much-needed sex can largely affect your sex drive; stamina, and level of arousal. According to sex therapist Jennifer Litner, the need to have sex when you can’t either increases or diminishes, depending on which side of things you are at.

Dose self-isolation affects your sex life? Let’s see what statistics say.

Self-Isolation Affects Your Sex Life: Have a Date Online!

Orchestrating sexy dates online is fun, but sometimes, it doesn’t make up for physical intimacy and closeness. During isolation, one of the things we struggle with the most is our inability to have sex at all; which can then help boost the sexual tension in your relationship. And while it is not the real deal, sending nudes and fulfilling your desires online can actually help keep your sexual stamina in check. Unfortunately, men tend to rely on watching adult movies a lot; thus missing out on realistic scenarios, which can be just as sexy and desirable. 

Sex and the Mental Health

As per Dr. Christopher Ryan Jones, a clinical psychologist, and sex therapist; your sex drive can have a lot to do with mental stability. Namely, because our environment is suddenly so different; you might find yourself at a dead-end in terms of sexual arousal and excitement. Still, one of the ways to avoid this mixture of unfavorable feelings is to get sexy online. If you are not in a relationship, a great way to boost your sexy juices would be to book an escort for an online date and find the exact amount of company and fun you’ve been looking for.

Self-Isolation Affects Your Sex Life: Stress Lowers Sexual Stamina!

The self-isolation period will likely have certain effects on your sex life, and not necessarily positive ones. Work stress, stress from being at home too much; or just worrying about what tomorrow will bring can all affect your sexual stamina and desire. To avoid that, it is important that put your emotional and physical wellbeing first. Do you need some quality time alone? Take it! You need to find an instant sex appeal and enjoyment? Book yourself an escort and enjoy all perks that come with your hot date! Yes, you will still be operating online; but knowing someone is there to help you stay in your sexiest shape ever can be a pretty effective stress release.


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