6 Non-Traditional Tips for a Hotter Sex Life!

When it comes to sex, there is always a new way to reach erotic satisfaction. And truth be told, why should you neglect your sex life by surrendering to habit? Sex is meant to be a fun exploration of passion and the boundaries of pleasure, so there’s no reason to stick with what you already know.

Experimenting and sex work super together, and if you’re up for the challenge, here are Non-Traditional Tips for a Hotter Sex Life and the more enjoyable.   

Candle Wax

Candle wax is a practical, effective and hot tool that can easily take you from average to innovative. Next time you and your partner are in the nude, use candle wax to boost your foreplay. The wax heat, as well as the BDSM factor of it all, will, without a doubt, give you the surge of eroticism you were hoping for.

Dividing the Attention!

To make sure your partner is enjoying the foreplay as much as you do, take turns in pleasing one another. You can start small, going for a thorough blowjob and then a thorough clit play. In time, you can even take entire evenings dedicated to your and your partner’s pleasure.

Hotter Sex Life: Clothes on!

When taking your clothes off seems like a predictable scenario, you might want to keep them on for a change. No, we are not talking about putting off sex for a while, but fool around while you’re wearing your clothes. Remember the good old dry-humping days, hoping to get to third base? Exactly.

Stimulate the Senses!

Far from the dull way of having sex is a place where you can explore all senses as part of your foreplay. Not just touch, women also respond to visuals (or the lack thereof), sexy smells and sexier sounds. Your recipe for a night of mind-blowing sex? A saucy soundtrack, a blindfolded partner lying in your bed and the smell of dark chocolate you’re about to lick off her skin.

Hotter Sex Life: Pause and Play!

Good for a number of reasons, pulling out in the midst of sex can contribute to your erotic pleasure. For one, use your penis as you would a sex toy, massaging your partner’s erogenous zones with it. Second, whenever you feel like you’re close to an orgasm, pulling out will help you prolong the action, pausing just enough to calm down.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that women enjoy quality teasing as much as they enjoy sex. From public teasing to at-home teasing, the littlest gestures such as sexting and subtle touches can get you ready for more than just the chase. Next stop, the bedroom.

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