How to Have the Best Sex In a Rush?

Okay, so you don’t have plenty of time but you want to get naughty with your partner. Have the Best Sex In a Rush have long been saving couples from the rut and there are many reasons why this works. For one, quickies are always hot, adrenaline-packed and feel electric. Two, if you know how to be careful, you can pull out a great quickie just about anywhere. And three, there are many ways to zest up a quickie and make it one of your most favorite intimate moments.

If you have ever found yourselves short on time, here are several great tips to explore. 

Have the Best Sex In a Rush: Clothes!

It’s true, if you want an effective and hot quickie, you have to be wearing the right outfits for it. With women, shorts and jeans might not work, but skirts and dresses are very easy to handle. For the men, always make sure you wear easy-to-pull-on pants or bottoms with a smoothly working zipper. Another tip when it comes to clothing and quickies is to steer clear of heals, tights and belts, as these tend to complicate things.

But, if you want to make your clothes part of your game, do yourselves a favor and skip the underwear for the day. 


While toys and quickies don’t really match, toys used before quickies, do. For instance, if you are the edgy type, you can ask your partner to wear vibrating panties before you have your little adventure. At the same time, you can also wear a cock ring or a vibrating bullet and share the pleasure with your partner. If you happen to love foreplay toys, not only you can wear them, but you can also give your partner the liberty to stimulate you through an app.

Have the Best Sex In a Rush: A Raunchy Vocabulary!

When time is short to make chemistry happen, trust your words to come to your rescue. Dirty talking has always worked for sex and especially quickies, and with the right language, you will get your partner worked up in all the right ways.


Condoms during quickies are good to use for several reasons. From the fact that condoms protect you from STDs and pregnancy, they also help with the lubrication. Plus, you won’t have to worry about bacteria or your surroundings and will avoid making an unnecessary mess. Hey, it’s a quickie, after all, so keep it nice, clean and steamy!


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