Sexy Tips To Flirt With Your Woman!

How good is your seduction game? You may be in a long-term relationship or dating, but the way you seduce your partner should never go out of the picture. For women, being seduced is one of the most important pieces of good lovemaking and sex. And yes, time passes, and we begin feeling comfortable in our sex lives and the seduction is suddenly gone.

But, no worries, if your moves are a bit rusty, have a look at superb tips to help you swipe your partner off her feet in the bedroom by flirt with your woman!

Speak to Her in Another Language!

Women always fall for men who speak different languages! Now, you don’t have to be an expert in French or Italian, but a few words here and there will go great with your date and foreplay!

Flirt With Your Woman: Sudden Bursts of Passion!

Whether you decide to push your woman against a wall out of the blue or charm her with a hot-tub, creating unexpected acts of lust will get your sex life far. To women, there is nothing more seductive than seeing you so hungry for her that you just have to have her. 

Let Her Call the Shots!

To properly seduce a woman, you have to make her want you. One way to do it is to make out with her until she initiates something more. Men always want to rush into action and women know this, but letting her wait and anticipate will give you just the right effect.

Flirt With Your Woman: Cook for Her!

Cooking meals for your partner and even a date is very important if you want to seduce your woman right. Even if you are not quite into cooking, you can always make a salad or a simple dessert that you can also use in bed. Strawberries and whip cream, anyone?

Text Her Hot Promises

Seduction usually begins way before physical contact, so flirt with your woman all day long. Get into the art of sending hot texts to your partner, and always promising something steamy to come. That should be just enough to ignite her interest!

Worship, Worship

In the bed and out of it, make sure you give your partner’s body proper love. Caressing her bosom, licking her lips, going down on her, and staying there for a while…I mean, you know how you’re your woman likes being worshiped, so do it. 


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