5 Ways to Build Intimacy, Other Than Sex!

Sex is likely one of the most intimate connections between two people. And while that is true, it is also safe to say there are many other ways to build intimacy; especially in bed. Sometimes, taking some time off sex can be just what you need to remind yourself of what feels so good about it in the first place. So, instead of actually having sex, you can take the time to do plenty of hot things with a woman as a way of exploring your sensuality.

You’d be surprised how good sexuality without having sex can feel, and here are 5 ways to redefine intimacy. 

1. Cuddle and Tease To Build Intimacy!

Yeah, remember cuddling and teasing? If you are not feeling like actually having sex, try cuddling and teasing with your partner. Teasing and flirting can be great to get to know your woman all over again; and it is also great for a role-play scenario. In addition, cuddling and hugging can boost your endorphins and oxytocin; both of which are hormones responsible for you feeling eclectic and happy.

2. Sharing Your Fantasies!

Instead of having sex, try talking out your fantasies with your partner. Words have a special way when it comes to intimacy; so don’t be shy to tell your woman how much you desire her (and how!). Just talking about your sex fantasies will make you feel wanted and aroused; and actually saying the words will help boost the intimacy you share.   

3. Try Something New To Build Intimacy!

To improve your intimacy with women, always bring something new to the table. You will be surprised to learn how spontaneous women can be when invited on an adventure; so make yours extra spicy one. You can start by attending an adult event or attending a nudist beach; but the end goal is to keep things fun and yet, still far from the bed.

4. Sleep Naked

I know you love your pajamas, and it does get cold outside sometimes; but this is a trick that immediately improves intimacy. Sleeping naked with a woman in your bed is provocative and somehow unattainable, and it is the same for her. Try to turn sleeping naked together into a habit and enjoy the marvels of skin-on-skin contact.

5. Play Games!

A great way to fortify your sexual intimacy is to play games, literally. Whether you go for the sexy version of ‘Truth or Dare’ or will have a few rounds of strip poker; turning sex into a game can make you a better team.

Source: https://medium.com/@madisonepting/12-ways-to-be-intimate-with-your-partner-without-having-sex-a737030889e6

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