The Dos and Don'ts of Quality Foreplay!

When it comes to physical intimacy, foreplay is of utmost importance to implement. Whether dating regularly and especially if booking an escort; boosting your foreplay game can lead to a much more fulfilling experience.

Depending on your experience with bedroom affairs; we have gathered some of the most useful dos and don'ts of preparing yourself for the ultimate foreplay. Read on to learn more.

Do: Set up the Vibe

Meeting a lady for a sexy rendezvous; it is essential that you prepare the space to fit the narrative of the date. Foreplay usually begins way ahead of physical contact. Therefore, you need to think about setting up your space accordingly. From sexy music and quality bedding to lighting, props, and attitude, creating the utmost space for your quality-time date will give your foreplay a whole new level of quality.

Do: Communicate

Especially if dating an escort - whether for an outcall or the GFE - discussing your fantasies and needs is very important. That way, your date can meet you halfway and fulfil your desires. Also, by honestly communicating with your escort; you will also be able to determine each other's boundaries and no-no's and thus orchestrate a more suitable foreplay setting.

Do: Get Innovative

If meeting an escort for a hot tryst, being creative is highly relevant. As escorts have had their fair share of clients and experiences; they have a great understanding of all scenarios included as part of the foreplay. Therefore, if you want to surprise your escort in the best possible way; do some online digging and fish for ideas that will set your bed on fire.

Don't: Be Obsessed with the Bedroom

The perfect foreplay does not take you straight to bed. Instead, the process should begin with talking, flirting, and teasing all of which can get you hyped about your upcoming hot happening. If you really want a splendid foreplay experience; you'll need to start thinking about the bigger picture, not just about hitting the mattress.

Don't: Rush Yourself

After all, foreplay is intended to meet both partner's expectations and needs, so why rush the experience? Also, foreplay is not just about kissing and the occasional touch. It is a whole philosophy of connecting that can either make or break the rest of your date- and it's up to you to aim for the former. Just like you shouldn't rush into the experience; you also don't want to go overboard and get carried away with ideas. One step at a time works the best.