Privacy and Discretion When Meeting a VIP Escort!

One of the most important aspects of dating an escort is privacy as well as discretion. In fact, privacy and anonymity when dating are among the most relevant reasons why many clients enjoy dating professional escorts. While the experience is professionally casual, all escorts and escort agencies have strict discretion protocols that they have to follow to ensure their clients of the best reliability.

Read on to learn how discretion and privacy apply when you date an agency-advertised escort companion.

Arrival and Departure

If you are meeting your escort date for an outcall service, and at your home, discretion might be trickier to apply, with neighbours always watching your step. However, with- agency-booked escorts, the date will arrive at your home discreetly, announced ahead of time, and dressed casually and low-key, so no one suspects anything. Usually, an escort will use the back, or the garage entrance, and will signal you when she’s close so she doesn’t spend much time lingering around.

Hotel Escorts

The same level of privacy and anonymity applies to hotel outcalls and services you book with an escort. However, this might even be the more convenient option of the two, as there are hotels that are familiar with the in-town escorts and are aware of the specifics of their craft and the utmost need to keep it all under wraps. So, hotels can be your biggest guarantee that neither your information provided nor your whereabouts will be exposed while you are with your escort.

Smaller Hotels

When it comes to smaller hotels or B&Bs, the risk for exposure is higher, and it is not due to your escort, but due to the simplicity of the accommodation. Such places don’t offer or ensure entire discretion, so while your information may stay protected, your activities might be more in the open. Also, if your escort needs a key to enter a lift, for example, a smaller hotel will require the client to meet the escort in the lobby and use his key, which can also put the client and date at the risk of being seen.

Nothing Personal

Likely the greatest way an escort will take care of your discretion is by not sharing anything related to her personal or private life and better yet, she won’t ask you to do the same. Escorts will never reveal their first name, give you their private phone number, share their address of living or let you know what she does for a living, outside of escorting.