Outcall Services vs The GFE Service: How are They Different and Similar

Outcall services are among the most desired experiences in the escort world, and the same can be said of the GFE service. However, when choosing to book either an escort outcall or an escort Girlfriend Experience service, you will be looking at two relatively different scenarios.

Even though they might seem similar in many ways, there is a clear distinction between what an outcall service comes with compared to the GFE and vice versa - all of which we detail below.

The Differences:

  • The GFE lasts longer - although it is not time-limited, as an immersive service, the Girlfriend Experience lasts longer than a traditional outcall. Typically, outcalls can last for an hour minimum or more, whereas the GFE might have a preset timeframe and a minimum of two hours to start.

  • The GFE is more intimacy-based - outcalls bring in their fair share of intimacy and bonding, but with the GFE, clients actually get that girlfriend-boyfriend feel. This means you can expect more cuddling, snuggling, sharing, and even kissing, something that not all escorts provide outside the GFE service.

  • Outcalls are more versatile - whereas in the GFE you get a straightforward service which is clearly defined, with outcalls you can tailor the specifics of the date with your escort. Outcalls can therefore be romantic dates, more personal experiences, or even feature an extra escort, if you, say, book the duo escort outcall.

  • Different rates - since they are not the same service, outcalls and the GFE will come with different rates, with the GFE being pricier than an outcall. However, a shorter GFE booking might come close to the price of a longer outcall service, so it's all about what you privately agree on with your escort.

The Similarities:

  • Quality of service - regardless if you book the GFE or an outcall service, you can expect a thorough dedication and professionalism on behalf of your companion. Escorts are highly service-oriented, so both experiences can fulfil your needs, although perhaps in different ways.

  • Experienced escort - the GFE escort or the outcall escort you will choose will be the perfect pick for the service. Since there are many designated escorts who specifically tend to outcalls and the GFE, they will have a full skill set that will leave you entirely satisfied with their skills and overall performance.

  • Both can take place indoors - outcalls, as well as the GFE, can take place behind closed doors. With outcalls, the indoor rule is a given, but even GFE bookings can be envisioned as outcalls and take a more private and secluded tone.