How to Get Out of Sexual Stagnation and Revive Your Repertoire?

If your sexual life has fallen victim to stress, your busy lifestyle, or dullness - you are not alone. The bad news is - no one wants a dissatisfying or repetitive sex life. The good news is - there are many ways to bring the sexy spark back to the bedroom and sometimes even outside it.

Mutual Masturbation

Those who have not tried mutual masturbation but are finding their sex life to be a bit dull should definitely go all the way with the experience. Of course, if you are a first-timer, masturbating before a partner can be slightly odd and awkward, but then again, doing it both at the same time can give you a sense of togetherness. Not to mention, masturbation is quite hot to watch if you or your partner are the voyeur type and can give you a great perspective on how they want to be touched, where, and for how long.

Odd Hours of the Night

Cinderella probably didn't have midnight sex on her mind when she left the party in a horse and carriage, but you should. Having sex late at night can be a refreshing tool to bring some life into your ordinary sex life. Especially if you are stuck in a sexual rut of having sex on a schedule or doing it at certain times or places, this nightly escapade can almost make you feel like you're doing something forbidden. Of course, you don't just want to jump out of bed and go for it without any agreement from your partner, so discuss if this is an option first and let the night unravel.

Make Out and Dry Hump

Making out was the ultimate lust move of the 90s and early 00s, and the same can be said of dry-humping. Well, the times have moved on, but these two practices still remain the best for reigniting your sex life from its weak tinder to a full-blown blaze. Making out can happen anywhere, anytime for however long you want, whereas to dry hump, you can experiment with more discrete options, like in your car - but just before you head to an event. Or like, when you are cooking in the kitchen - but let it happen subtly just as you are passing by the other person.

The Element of Danger

While sex should in no way be dangerous at any point, introducing the element of danger can be quite fun and help you pull out of an already seen experience. Danger can different for everyone and can include anything from being handcuffed to doing the deed in public (be discrete, though!), or even having timed sex, where you have to finish just before someone walks through the door.