Before You Book an Event Escort: 4 Steps to Take

Booking an event escort is a tad different than, say, booking an outcall or an incall. Not technically the GFE experience - although it can be included as an extra service - an event escort is your plus-one comnpanion to any event you need to attend. Weddings, business dinners or parties, holiday parties, wherever you need to arrive in stellar company.

But, how does one choose an event escort and what's important to note? We list 4 key things below.

Look for an Escort Centre

Instead of going independent, always turn to professional escort agencies in your area. This way, you will know that you have a reputable provider and that the escort you choose is vetted for and experienced. Escort centres also take care of your entire arrangement and let the escort know your preferences and contact information, and also make suggestions on the best escorts to book for the happening.

Know How Long You'll Be There

Escorts work on a schedule. This means that you will have to know how long you want to be at the event with the escort, and give her an estimate, so she can manage the resort of her hours. Sometimes, clients decide to expand the service to overnight or an outcall, which can be neat because you won't worry whether your escort will turn into Cinderella and leave mid-party.

Arrive Together

Since the escort you choose will be your official plus-one, you will have to meet up beforehand and arrive at the event together. Ideally, to both introduce yourself to the escort, cover the service fee, and have time to break the ice, it's best you meet up at a hotel nearby and then attend the event. Leaving together is also advised, but if you haven't planned the rest of the evening, you'll need to part ways once you leave the venue.

The Escort Model

Think about the kind of escort that would represent you in the best light possible. You want to go with escorts that look fine on your hand, know the rules of the game, and have you feeling wonderful all night long. The proper dressing etiquette is also important to manage, so be sure to inform the escort agency if there's a certain dress code to mind.

Booking an escort for an event will be provided to you professionally, discreetly and with all the bells and whistles that come with the experience. Top-quality and VIP escorts are always the best pick for a special event!