4 Ideas for the Perfect Weekend Break with an Escort!

Whether summertime or any other season of the year, weekend breaks are heaven-sent. Clients who love their weekends busy, filled with fun and joy and pleasure, look at escorts as the perfect companions for their getaway. Escorts, on the other hand, offer short and longer travel experiences to clients, whether for a week-long holiday or two days away from the crowd. As the two go so well together, many clients have found an escort’s service to be the perfect booking for a weekend.

If you are short on ideas as to where to go or what to do, we compiled a nifty list below.

1. VIP Hotels

Outside-of-town resorts are one of the best weekend ideas to consider with an escort. Country hotels, residences, castles, the choice of accommodation is abundant and holds something for every client’s taste and budget. Hotels in particular offer many amenities that will keep you and your escorts in great spirits and on the go. Swimming, spa dates, restaurant affairs, and drinks at the bar, the choices are endless and ensure you will spend a magnificent weekend.

2. A Concert

If there is a concert or another dynamic event happening outside your city, why not travel to the place of fun with your escort? Travelling away for a show gives you that adrenaline rush and keeps you in a superb mood and in fabulous company. Escorts are social butterflies and love attending shows with their clients. They also love spending the weekend in a new place and exploring, so you can make it a full weekend in a city you’ve never visited before.

3. A Themed Event Out of Town

Themed events are super-fun and versatile. Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, April’s Fools, there are many occasions to get in the mood and become someone else. If there is a city that holds a themed event as tradition, you can make your date a weekend getaway and make the most of your time together with an escort. Of course, you can still go out for dinner, explore the city, and have your fun – for two days straight!

4. A Whole Experience

There are many places where you can book two-day experiences for yourself and your escort. From horse riding and wine tasting to bird watching and skydiving, the choices are limitless. Depending on the things you like to do and try, you can orchestrate a whole weekend with your escort and have a fun and pleasure-packed booking!